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Schonbronn Palace,Vienna

Schonbronn Palace,Vienna

Less than one hundred years ago, Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna had been the enormous Summer Residence of the Imperial Habsburg Family.

The Habsburgs had ruled over an extensive Austrian/Hungarian Empire for several hundred years. Many generations of reigning Habsburgs had gone about their daily life inside this Enormous Palace. They had called it home from about the 17th right through to the early 20th Century. Every Summer they’d returned to open up both the family residential rooms and the stately Imperial Rooms. Amazingly there were over 1,400 rooms in all. This video below will give you a great overview of this enchanting palace in all its glory.

So on the afternoon of Day 12 of our river cruise, we were rather excited to be heading off for yet another afternoon of exploration…we would be spending some time wandering this spellbinding castle and its absolutely magical grounds. During this time we’d have opportunity to view both the internal rooms and the historically prized formal gardens.

To say Schonbrunn is architecturally ornate would be an understatement. It was rich, it was lavish and there had obviously been no expense spared during its creation.

It’s beautiful Baroque Exterior gives way to all the glorious detail contained in its royal Rococo Interior decor. It was truly just like a fairy tale palace and so befitting the King and Queen of this large and strictly ruled European empire.

But by 1919, the end of World War 1, ownership of Schonbrunn Palace was finally transferred from the royal family to the new Austrian Republic that had just come into power.

Today Schonbrunn Palace mainly serves as a tourist destination. Some 2,000,000 people are said to visit this popular sightseeing area every year. They come from all around the globe to view its beautiful  finery and learn more about its history.

The sheer size of Schonbrunn is almost unbelievable. Who among us would ever have lived  in a home of such grand proportions? Most certainly not D.B. or I.

Along with its 1441 rooms, there were also many acres of beautiful statued formal gardens, a most impressive Gloriette which offers absolutely enchanting views over the palace, a zoo and even an enormous palm house for exotics.

Garden statues, Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Garden statues, Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

We spent over 2 hours viewing the stunning interior and the gardens but it was most certainly not enough. I personally could easily have spent the whole day there. WOW what another amazing place…it was just like stepping into your very own Fairy Tale.

More of Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

More of Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna