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Global City of Enchantment, Vienna.

My favourite, a Global City of Enchantment, Vienna.

If you think Mozart, or Strauss, Freud or Adler, Buber or Wagner, Zinnemann or Menger…… if you think any of these great people, well of course…. you’re probably thinking pure Vienna. So many astoundingly gifted minds of the 20th century were either born in, or lived close by Vienna.

Vienna, Beautiful Imperia Architecture.

Vienna, Beautiful Imperia Architecture.

From music, to philosophy, from architecture to  psychiatry, from 20th century film direction to pure mathematical tables, this magical city has been called home by many of the world’s greatest thinkers in all areas of human endeavour.

Vienna's Classical Buildings

Classical Buildings

It’s operas, universities, theatres, and cultural pursuits have continued to be at the cutting edge of human endeavour over the past couple of centuries.

Culturally,  aesthetically and academically, Vienna has always been at the forefront of visionary thought and cultural advancement.

Personally I just simply continue to love everything about Vienna.

Grand Vista's, Vienna.

Grand Vista’s, Vienna.

Ask me why….and sadly I won’t be able to tell you. Perhaps it is buried deep within my early inner layers, or maybe even perhaps behind a past life’s door!

But one thing I can tell you for sure,  I’ve been mesmerized by Vienna for far longer than I  care to remember….for some reason it has always held a  strange romantic appeal which I believe must have seeded in childhood, if not, perhaps a long time before!

Just as the diamond sparkles and radiates its crystal inner beauty, so too does Vienna radiate its mesmerizing and spellbinding magical aura for me…and in the most enchanting of ways. Yes everything Viennese continues to attract and even intrigue me…..right down inside my own secluded inner core.

The streets of Vienna, 2013.

Promoting the arts in Vienna, 2013.

It was now day 12 of our wonderful river cruise and for the first time in my life we were able to tour this most enchanting of cities…..first by bus, then later by foot.

The architecture was everything I thought it would be. I’d heard so much about it. Some people love it… some dislike it’s grand decore.

Yes it’s so very ornate, so decorative and so classically imperial. There’s the early Romanesque, the Gothic, the captivatingly, beautiful Baroque and the oh-so-pretty Rococo. And of course as well there’s the ultra modern, architecturally pleasant modern contemporary.

I was most certainly not disappointed by the short few hours we had there. I only wish there had been more. I REALLY THINK AN OVERNIGHT STAY in Vienna and a SECOND DAY of sightseeing in this Imperial City would have been so very wonderful.

More of Vienna's architectural lovelyness.

More of Vienna’s architectural loveliness.

Dearly Beloved (D.B.) probably still doesn’t fully understand my par amour and neither do I in fact.

But we had a lovely day. We saw the sprawling, majestic palaces such as The Hofburg or Imperial Palace, The Belvedere Palace and Schonnbrunn Palace.

The Magical Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.

The Magical Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna.

There were so many ornately detailed stately buildings such as the famous Vienna Opera House,  the Kunsthistorisches Museum, The Natural History Museum, the Albertina Museum, The Parliament Building and the Seccession Building and of course the classical Rathaus.

There were the beautiful Gothic and Baroque churches interwoven through the streets of the city center; architectural marvels such as St Stephen’s Cathedral, St Peters and St Charles along with many other wonderful kirche.

St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna.

St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna.

Then of course there were also the many many highly decorative statues and the neo-classical fountains scattered throughout the city.

Ornate statue, Vienna.

Ornate statue, Vienna.

A real highlight of Vienna that continues to add immensely to it’s captivating imperial enchantment is of course, its beautiful horses.

Beautiful Horses, Vienna.

Beautiful Horses, Vienna.

The Spanish Riding School in the centre of Vienna houses the most exquisitely trained Lipizzan dressage horses. These beautiful animals regularly entertain the public with morning performances. If you would like to experience some even more personal equine adventures, there are also the captivating horse and carriage tours that can also be hired to transport you in style as you take a look around the this lovely city.

More of Vienna's beautiful horses.

More of Vienna’s beautiful horses.

Vienna is such a timelessly beautiful city.

I do so LOVE..yes truly LOVE LOVE  LOVE it all…

So much so I often tell D.B. to just look for me in Vienna if I decide to go on a little personal sojurn.

Promoting music and the arts in modern Vienna.

Promoting music and the arts in modern Vienna.


Shop front, Vienna Style.

Shop front, Vienna Style.

Contemporary architecture, Vienna.

Contemporary architecture, Vienna.
More of Classical Vienna.

More of Classical Vienna.

A different angle St Stephen's Vienna.
A different angle St Stephen’s Vienna.

One last photo of beautiful Vienna.

One last photo of beautiful Vienna.