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Liebster Award Day

Liebster Award Day

O.M.G.G. (Oh My Golly Goloshes!)

A Liebster has just arrived for my blog,

A nomination for a “Favourite Blogger Award”

In recognition of my memoirs, my new travelogue.

I’ve been writing for weeks, not done so for years (well not just for fun);

I’ve been writing about holidays, travel treats, my time in the sun.

Oh I’m totally chuffed …yes delighted to bits,

Quite simply I’m humbled …and yes I’m ecstatic about this.

But what can I say?

It’s wrapping this golden sparkle right round my day!

A big thank you Dear Dawn and many hugs too;

My day has been blessed with this Leibster from you.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Dawn Hosking for nominating me for a Liebster Award.

Please everyone, do make sure you visit Dawn’s blog. Her Liebster Award page can be found at http://dawnyhosking.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/mistakes-a-plenty/.

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I always enjoy reading Dawn’s lovely blog posts and seeing her comments on mine. She’s a wonderfully creative, witty and resilient person. I myself am still fairly new to blogging but I’m slowly finding out about the rules, like Leibsters and the protocols for giving and receiving these awards on worpress. I do hope I’m doing this the right way! All guidance gratefully accepted especially if I’ve made a major Faux Pas somewhere in accepting this award..


So what is a Leibster Award?

Basically, a Liebster Award is like a “favorite blog award”. It’s given to writers of other blogs that you enjoy reading or looking at. Liebster is the German word for favorite, beloved, or dearest. It’s meant for the smaller blogs with less than two hundred followers to help expose them to the world and help them discover other new and upcoming bloggers. You can find a lot of further information regarding the Liebster Awards by clicking here on Lorraine Reguly’s Life. Lorraine also has some wonderful stories and social media information on her blog.

What are the Leibster Award Rules?

Just briefly, in order to formally accept this award, the nominee must do several things

  1. Link back and recognize the blogger who nominated them
  2. Answer ten questions given to them by their nominee
  3. Nominate ten or so other bloggers for the award.
  4. Create ten questions for their own 10 nominees to answer.
  5. Notify your new nominees for the award

My responses to Dawn’s 10 juicy questions which she has asked me to answer:

1. What made you decide to start a blog?

I wanted to try to make my holiday last a little longer.

We had such a wonderful time but gee whiz it just went by so fast.

2. What is your guilty pleasure?

Sneaking as much time as I can to go and Google places we’ve visited and to go back over the memories of our recent European holiday…oh and chocolate of course (especially that newish variety you get here in Australia called Crème Brulee Chocolate made by Lindt!)

3. If you were an ice cream flavor which would you be?

I’d love to be creamy, yummy vanilla but I wouldn’t mind being that rich delicious caramel icecream you get in Europe either.

4. You’ve just won a contest and can live anywhere in the world for 1 year. Where do you go?

Oh that’s a really tough one for me…I’d love to go back to Bad Gastein and see it through all of the different seasons. I’d also love to go and spend a lot more time exploring beautiful Vienna. But there is still so much of the world I haven’t even seen at all. I think I would really like to spend the whole 12 months just exploring absolutely everywhere. I’d like to visit America and Canada. I’d love to go back and see more of China. I want to spend some further time in Hong Kong and Singapore and I’d just love to visit Spain and Dubai. There is just so much to see and do and so little time to explore it all!!

  1. 1. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An air hostess…back then I thought they had such a glamorous lifestyle.

  1. 2. You’re stuck on a deserted island with one other person. Who is it?

It would be my wonderful Dearly Beloved (D.B.) of course. But I would also like to take a Michelin Chef, a masseur and my wonderful dear old dog who passed away a couple of years ago. Oh, and I know it’s quite naughty of me, but I’d also have to ask for some air conditioning because my poor old dog didn’t like heat much!

  1. 3. What one thing do you wish you did more or had more time to do?

That’s an easy one….travel!

  1. 4. What is your favorite memory?

My Mum…I miss her.

  1. 5. If you could witness any moment in history what would it be?

Watching my Dad learn to fly as a young man.

10. What is your favorite holiday and why?

The one I’m writing about in these memoirs; although I have also really enjoyed ocean cruising around New Zealand and through parts of Asia.

For My New Nominees:

Now here are my ten very challenging new questions for all you LUCKY bloggers I’m about to nominate! You’re all so amazing and I do so love your blogs: (I’m afraid I’ve made these questions nearly all travel related. I hope you don’t mind! (It sort of fits with my Memoirs travel blog!)

Your 10 New Questions Are:

  1. What is your favourite thing to do when you have time to yourself at home on holidays?
  2. What is your favourite wild animal and what country is it native to?
  3. Do you prefer to stay home, visit family or travel overseas when you holiday?
  4. What was the absolute best family holiday you remember having as a child?
  5. What’s the most outstanding holiday you’ve ever had as an adult?
  6. Where did you go on your last holiday?
  7. What activities/entertainment do you look for when you start planning for a holiday period (i.e. time at home, markets, beaches, sightseeing, cultural pursuits etc?
  8. What are your two favourite overseas countries?
  9. Where would you go if you had about $1000 to plan a holiday right now?
  10. If you had a Fairy God Mother who could grant you the holiday of a life time….whatever you wanted to do, wherever you wanted to go, however much it cost…what do you think you would choose?


My new Nominees are:

1. Ordinary Life –http://beawonghangyu.wordpress.com/about-this-blog/-for wonderful little sketches and reflections on life

2. Audities Photos – http://terrasseaudrey.wordpress.com/2013/10/11/down-by-the-bay-%E2%99%AA-%E2%99%AB-%E2%99%A9/ -for photographic Inspiration

3. Day by Day Photo – http://daybydaybyphoto.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/some-parts-of-it-are/ – for wonderful photography

4. Toni Andrukaitis –http://toniandrukaitis.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/fractious-friday/-for extending my vocabulary and wonderful quotes

5. Stepping Out with an Agorophopic – http://steppingoutwithanagoraphobic.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/a-kiss-goodnight/ -for a lovely eclectic mix of interesting topics and photography

6. Jardin Design – http://jardindesign.org/2013/09/24/jardin-a-la-francaise/ – for wonderful information about gardens and garden design

7. Karina O’Brien – http://what-i-love-about.com/2013/10/11/the-one-who-owns-my-heart/ -for Beautiful Black and White Photography

8. Dorabel’s 3D Designs – http://dorabels3ddesigns.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/2-cutting-part-1/ -for posting about the beautiful 3D pictures she loves to make

9. Fred and Sally’s Europe Trip 2013 – http://laurencewesley55.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/8th-september-amsterdam-board-viking-bragi/ for their travelogue of their adventures in Europe with Viking

10. Tina’s Rabbit Hole -Everyday Life in Vienna- http://tinasrabbithole.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/backstreet-at-schwedenplatz/ – for photos taken around one of my favourite cities

11. Beating the Track – http://trackingthebeat.wordpress.com/author/beatingthetrack/ – for wonderful photography

12. My Fotography – http://myphotolane.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/happy-fall/ – for photographic inspiration and lovely lighting

Lastly I’d just like to say one last thank you to Dawn Hosking who has nominated me for this award. My day sparkles with a very warm golden glow because of your thoughtfulness in nominating my little blog.

Thanks Dawn.

Warm Golden Glow

Warm Golden Glow